What is Haiku III?

Haiku III means haiku poems with 3 stanzas with 3 lines each.

Traditional Japanese Haiku consists of three sentences, each containing five, seven, and five syllables. Haiku III follows this format however expanded in three stanzas for each poem.

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Your Letter

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 0 comments
Green hill, oak tree, birds;
And I sitting alone, there -
Reading your letter.

I read, halt and move;
Wind blows, heart quiet still;
Gazing; thinking deep.

Letter, wind blows; sigh -
Birds ceased, tree cried, tears flow, I
Stood, ran and wept.

The Secret Garden

Old garden; flowers -
Quiet; buzzing softly bees;
Butterflies flying.

Sip go away sip;
Bee to bee to bloom; Kisses!
My little flowers.

On white dress appears;
Putting red to green; walking -
We go holding hands.

Oh Holy Nerve

Imagining wild;
Blood runs; Hand creeping within;
Holding his nerves - there.

Grins! Sudden smile;
Unseen moments surround mind;
Blood still 'till hard.

Awesome! White comes out!
Shame! They saw; covered his nerves;
Hurry! He stands!

The Writer

Tik - tak; table sound;
Quiet room; hands on the chin;
Paper, pencil, mind.

Soft wind; windows screeched;
Moonlight comes in; dark sky -
As I draw your heart.

Your face on the stars;
Mad crazy heart - you smile;
Oh imagining...

Father Farmer

Golden leaves, sun rays -
Bends, reaps; blisters on the hand;
Sweat, acres of land.

Wind blows; whistle sound;
Mountain towers; back and near;
Birds sing; blue sky.

Children run, play, laugh -
Echoing joy from afar;
Smiling from here.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009 0 comments
Red roses my heart;
Glittering red eyes - are yours;
Laying on the sand.

Wind touches your face;
Throne of power chases us;
Hold each others heart.

Sunset kisses sea;
Water blends blood fire;
This forbidden love.

Cry of an Angel

Come the day of birth;
Mother bearing in torment;
Cry of an Angel.

Kissing her baby -
World rejoices again - tears.
We were smiling.

The he cries again;
Mother bewildered, and then -
She kissed him once more.

Insecured Soul

His smiles deceive;
Concealed in sunset of tears;
In his heart - spears.

Violet lilies;
Covering the blue river;
Of his wailing soul.

Of leaf on a door;
Envy on glittering world;
In genuflection.


Gleaming on white dress;
Appears when my eyes are closed;
Your smiling face.

Breeze playing flowers;
Echoing laugh; space, time;
When we were young then.

Sunset never fades;
Cold night; even moon stays;
I'm dreaming again.

Insomnic War

Peace and love concealed;
Bullets! And flowers are gone;
The world is in war.

"Desert Storm" whipped;
Hell fire; Elysium gone -
Cherry blossoms ceased.

Dagger on the nape;
Flashing in memory - dead;
Red river - they float!
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